Supplement for wellness and vitality

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Pre:cursor is a mineral supplement that works immediately. It contains a special blend of minerals that are crucial for your body that are absorbed rapidly sublingually, and can therefore be used immediately. All the minerals are a part of essential functions of the body. When you have a regular supply of these minerals throughout the day, it will have a positive effect such as: stable energy levels, better mood, improved sleep and more stamina. With pre:cursor you can feel a better sense of well being throughout the entire day.

Stack suggestions – we suggest combining pre:cursor with all our products as the minerals in pre:cursor maintain and assist with the added ingredients in our other pre: range products. During training it is great to alternate pre:cursor and pre:determined during the session which will prevent taking too much caffeine from using pre:determined or pre:combat alone.

Onset of effect: 5 minutes
Effect duration: 4-6 hours
Flavours: Mint

Ingredients: Water, sweeteners (sucralose, stevia), Mineral/electrolyte blend (potassium chloride, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, chromuim chloride, sodium chloride, boric acid, sodium selenite, sodium silicate), flavouring (spearmint), citric acid, sodium benzoate.


Supplement for wellness and vitality

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