Free Weights vs. Machines

Free Weights are weights that are free of any assistance…..

Machine weights If you are a beginner then the majority of your training schedule should be done with free weights. Weight machines have come a long way since the 80’s and 90’s, but your muscles were designed by evolution to overcome the pull of gravity rather than work against machine resistance. Therefore the biggest gains you will make in building muscle tone, and strength will come from lifting free weights and using compound movements exercises. Scientific research provided from the US Journal of Strength and Conditioning indicates that testosterone production is increased when you exercising large muscle groups.

RevengeSport-Lemon-4lb-LRFree weight exercises incorporate a number of major muscle groups at the same time, for instance; Squats, Dead lift, and Bench Press. {These exercises can be done with dumbbells, or with a barbell}

Important fact for Women

Women are often discouraged from the idea of training their muscles as they fear large muscle growth that may be considered large and unattractive The truth is females only produce 10% testosterone compared to men, therefore are physically unable to achieve massive muscle tone as what males are able to achieve, {even some males have hard time achieving this}. Muscle tone can be achieved by women {to a lesser degree} which in effect is a good thing, because it will help burn more calories while resting {muscle needs more energy to sustain itself than fat} and also aids in strength and recuperation.

Free weights takes the guess work out of training, it gives results at a quicker rate. Free weights and especially compound movements should be the cornerstone of everyone’s training regime male or female, because at the end of the day it’s your muscle’s that power over the line, no matter what the sport is.


It’s a matter of Gravity

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