Goal Setting

Make no mistake, even if you choose the best supplements and make the right decisions in terms of an exercise program, you will probably never get to where you want to go without setting goals and putting positive pressure on yourself.

beforeThe first step is to commit to spending ten minutes a day {that’s not a lot of time} writing your goals down in a notebook or training dairy and start by asking yourself “What Do I Want To Achieve” and “What Would I Do If I Knew I Could Not Fail”. Get excited about what you want to achieve.

If one of your goals is to build an awesome muscle toned body, write down five aims that you have to start doing this week. Be specific, for instance; state exactly how much fat you want to lose or how much lean muscle you want to gain, and how you are going to do it. Then take two minutes and write down a brief paragraph stating why you are committed to achieving this goal.

Each evening, open your journal and read what you have written on previous days. Review your goals thoroughly, sit down in a quiet setting, and visualize yourself doing the things you know will be necessary to make this dream come true. Visualize your success with very specific and graphic images.

Some examples are:

Picture yourself completing a super intense workout smashing personal records by lifting more weight in perfect strict form, than you have ever lifted before in your life.

Envision yourself following the perfect diet feeding your body with nutrition and supplements it needs to recover from your brutal workouts.

Feel the sense of confidence, control, and pride you will have and how excited you will be to know that you are actually doing it you are following through with your plan.
Imagine your physique in perfect condition

For assistance in visualizing and focusing on your goal, cut out pictures of physiques that inspire you {I collect pictures of Arnold Shwarznegger, and Dorian Yates}.

Place them where you will see them often, on the refrigerator, bedroom, office, and visualize yourself with your new body and the sense of pride and excitement it will bring to you.

After your “visualization”, write down 3 things you did that day which brought you closer to achieving your goals and 2 things you could have improved on or done better. Promise yourself you will improve on these weak links in the coming days and weeks.

Decide what you want and be precise, clarity is power! Desire is not enough! Remember that even the longest journey starts with a single small step, and never forget that procrastination kills!

Be quick to notice what’s working and what’s not, so you don’t expend energy going in the wrong direction. Remember that short term failures often provide insight you will need to reach your long term goals! Remember to adapt or change your approach until you achieve the results as flexibility gives you the power to create a new, possibly better approach.

I can not emphasize enough how important this goal setting exercise is. Writing down your goals and your master plan on paper is a well known, widely accepted method for achieving success in any endeavour.

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