Myths About Weight Training

When you stop training, muscle turns into fat.

pers trainerMuscle is muscle and fat is fat, they are two different compositions, when you stop resistance training your muscles shrink {atrophy}. Some people seem to think that because your muscles are shrinking and fat levels increase {because of the lack of exercise} that some how an unexplained conversion has happened. This is why we need to exercise to reverse atrophy {shrinkage of muscles}, and speed up our metabolism to keep fat storages low, there is no such thing as muscle turning into fat!

I am too old to start weight training.

Well you are never too old to start weight training; fact is “you are too old not to start training”. As we age our muscles tend to shrink, the best way to counteract this is through weight training. Of course , the older you are the more careful you have to be when you start weight training, consult a doctor and find a good personal trainer to ensure that proper technique is shown and pace yourself slowly.

There are numerous benefits to weight training, for example; lowers blood pressure, lowers adipose tissue {fat}, increases metabolism leading to more energy, reverses Osteoporosis, better regulation of blood glucose levels as well as insulin levels which is ideal for preventing Diabetes, strengthens the immune system, lengthens the muscles, and increases the range of movement of muscles. You can really see why it’s never too late.

High reps will provide more definition

There are no set amounts of reps that will cause definition in the muscle. Excellent results can be achieved with doing low reps with lifting a heavier weight. Striations in the muscle are more prominent when lifting heavier weights.

The best way to get real results is to vary your workouts, keep your muscles guessing what you are going to do in your next training session.

I can’t train because I am Pregnant.

A FEMALE WHO IS NOT EXERCISING PRIOR TO GETTING PREGNANT CAN NOT COMMENCE AN EXERCISE PROGRAM ONCE SHE IS PREGNANT. If the female in question has been training for 6 months prior to being pregnant, and the female wishes to stay fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy it is essential that she shares this information with her personal trainer, that she is pregnant or that she is trying to get pregnant. This vital information will influence her training intensity. Having said that the fitter and stronger the person is will aid them through a good healthy pregnancy and labour.

Women who don’t want to get too muscular!

Every male in the world has heard this one; Some women often say lifting weights will make me muscular and big, if only it was that easy. I have seen some men train their behinds off and some don’t even put any muscle mass on. Women hormonally do not produce enough testosterone to get real muscle tone; most women only produce 10% of what men produce, which makes it very hard to put on lean muscle mass. The trick to it is that whether you are a male or female the more muscle tone you have the more calories you burn while you are resting. This is due to an increase in your BMR {basal metabolic rate} as muscles need more energy to sustain itself than fat. Furthermore, your muscles recuperate quicker from training, and most importantly you look and feel a whole lot better, and yes some women can put on some muscle tone, but not to the degree as what men can. So in closing women should not be afraid of lifting weights, as a matter of fact they should incorporate weight training into their training regime, because when you combine both cardiovascular training and weight training, you turn your body into a fat burning furnace, which can only help your cause.

Is It True Once You Have Cellulite on Your Thighs you can never get rid of it?

Ultramet_weigh loss_1Although some medical experts in Australia insist that cellulite is some sort of medical condition, I happen to disagree and I have personally seen some women transform their bodies and yes actually lose cellulite. When you follow a weight training, cardiovascular, program and of course a nutritional plan, cellulite which is just the same as fat, can be lost, you just need to put in the hard work to get there.

Spot Reduction

{exercising a particular muscle group to get it toned}

Spot reduction is the belief that an exercise can burn fat off that specific area of the body. An example of this is people often believe that they will burn fat off their abdominal area by doing sit ups or crunches, or that triceps pushdowns will burn off fat the back of your arms. Fat is fat and the best way to burn fat off is to do both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. The combination of both of these exercise regimes will accelerate the fat loss.

Kids Can Not Do Weights

A lot of research in the 70’s and 80’s suggested that children should no do resistance training as it can stunt their growth. A large amount of research now shows that it is safe for children to do light body orientated exercises. Teaching children about exercise at a young age is essential for them to develop a healthy lifestyle. Weight training increases bone mineral density, tendon and ligament strength making joints stronger and more stable. This prevents injuries, making the child’s body both fitter and stronger. It is not recommended that children should lift heavy weights or do extreme types of training techniques, this type of training should be developed during late adolescents and early adulthood.


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