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Want to know the real secret to getting big?


I have seen people gain as much as 20lbs in three months doing simple routine of 6 to 7 sets with the emphasis on killing yourself squatting, along with heavy eating. And I mean 20lbs all over not just legs, drug free!

The typical hardgainer can forget about making big gains throughout the body until they get the thigh/back muscles growing. Think about it this way, if your body is not very efficient at growing muscle tissue and your current routine is like that most of trainees, the typical bench, biceps, and forgetting to train the rest of the body, how much of a demand have you placed to become more efficient at growing ? Working the chest, deltoids, triceps’s works approximately 10% of your overall lean body mass. Working hard on deadlifts or squatting {not necessary at the same time} works more like 70% of your musculature at once and sends a strong message to your body to


Because the demands on your metabolism are so great when doing these movements the results are also great. But like anything worthwhile in life it comes at a price. Brutally hard work done consistently with ever increasing poundage’s. This is the original recipe for people unable to register significant gains in size and strength, or experienced bodybuilders unable to gain anymore muscle, it works for both sets of people with experience or not.

The 20 rep squatting routine with one set after warm up to failure done along with handful of other exercises, no fluff just hardwork done consistently with the emphasis on heavy eating.

If you have ever done high rep squatting or deadlifting with limit poundage’s you will no doubt be amazed at how difficult they are. They will probably be the most demanding things you have ever done inside or outside a gym. Twenty rep squats are NOT done by putting a light-weight on the bar and doing 20 quick reps, and racking the bar. They are done by using a weight that the trainee will have to struggle to get 15 reps, then instead of racking the bar you keep it on your shoulders and rest/breath long enough to get the next rep, and the next rep, then the next. You will have to fight every fiber in your body telling you to dump the bar. This is how much intensity that is required to get your muscles growing like I said earlier it is not easy. If you are capable of doing another set of 20 reps without struggling then you are not working hard enough.

Try it and see for yourself, many people who do train consistently have tried this training technique, these were people who had sworn to me that they could not make any more gains in the gym and have been training for quite a while {experienced bodybuilders}, only to see them gasping on the gym floor not able to do another set. While the routine outlined above is difficult to do please take it easy at the start once your body adjusts and gets used to high reps with a bit poundage then start adding the intensity {weight}. You should see some gains within 3-4 weeks provided you are eating properly.

High protein high carb {low glycemic} low fat diet, please refer to the nutritional WebPages on this website for more in-depth information, on how to eat to gain muscle.

Article by Eric Marchwitz

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