Why Have a Personal Trainer?

Personalised Attention

When it comes to fitness most people want to be educated on diets, nutrition, cross training, outdoor training and other exercises which can improve their health, this can be easily achieved in a non judgmental environment.


image-crop.inc.php_1When joining a gym a gym program is usually prepared, for the individual concerned, the person is usually {not always} shown this program in half an hour session once and then left to give it try on their own. This half hour is not only not long enough but the person concerned has to learn how to use the weight machines, set up the machines, what weight is going to challenge them, how many times or sets I should lift the weight, how to use the cardio machines, where the workout card goes, there is just too much information to take in half an hour, let alone how hard the person needs to be challenged by the weight.

One on one session these issues are not your concern, so the focus can be directed into maximizing the benefits from a workout.

Ability to Work Harder and Safer

Having a personal trainer, allows the individual concerned to be pushed harder yet not incur an injury to themselves. This allows the client involved to get results faster due to the fact that they are working more effectively and safer {being observed for proper technique} than they would be if they were on their own.


champion_nutrition_logoMaking a commitment to a personal trainer to train them gives a person a level of trust and commitment to themselves, and to the trainer concerned.

Get Results

The main reason people do not get results is the lack of consistency, and lack of knowledge when it comes to training, and eating the right foods at the right time, many stop and start, and never give their exercise program enough time to work. Personal training prevents this, stop start pattern, and really helps people focus in on what they want to achieve out of their exercise program and reach personal goals.

Postural Analysis

This is where personal trainers are able to identify postural imbalances, which will indicate weak, short, tight muscles. By identifying which muscles need more attention. Serious injuries can be prevented from occurring in the future, and improve total wellbeing.

Nutritional Advice

Most personal trainers should be able to dissect individuals nutritional intake and make adjustments to better accelerate fat loss and improve muscle tone, nutritional intake is an essential part of training after all you are what you eat. Proper personal training coupled with proper nutritional intake, can make dramatic differences in peoples physiques, and their confidence.

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